The Alto Flute

During the last ten years, the Kingma Alto flute has become a very well-known instrument. Many have found their way to satisfied customers. The unique quality of this alto flute stimulates players to use it as their main instrument. Alto flutes have a uniquely responsive lower register and a very warm and projecting sound over all octaves.
The mechanism is designed to fit many different hand sizes. Our Alto Flutes are built according to the Cooper scale and are available in different models with different options and materials. Pitch is at A-442 (or different on request). It can be ordered with a solid silver or silver plated body and is available in two different bore sizes. Each model Alto flute has soldered tone holes. All head joints are made of solid silver.
Each bore size and material has its own quality, tone colour and characteristics. The material and the bore size are usually a very individual choice.
Three different head joints are available on approval, but we would request that you arrange the return shipping if necessary.
Every instrument is delivered with a custom made case, nylon case cover, and cleaning rod.

Brannen Bickford and Laura Brannen

Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

The Kingma & Brannen design is the result of an intense collaboration with Bickford and Laura Brannen after many years of working together on other projects. Bickford and Laura Brannen are both retired from Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, but continue to offer their flutemaking and design skills on our flutes. The Kingma & Brannen design was initially offered in 2011 on the alto flute, which will soon be available with the full Kingma System®. Ultimately the new design concepts will also be applied to all the larger flutes.

Our goals and features of the Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute are:

  • excellent intonation
  • quick response
  • robust tone
  • comfortable hand positions
  • mechanical stability
  • beauty of appearance
  • reduced weight
  • proper balance
  • affordably priced
  • Instruments with the Kingma & Brannen designation are available exclusively from our workshop or from select flute sellers.


    1. 24 mm bore size
    2. Classic, pointed arms
    3. C- or B-Footjoint

    Closed Hole Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

    Closed Alto

    Closed Hole Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

    Video by Marcus Kingma.

    Open Hole Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

    Open Alto

    Open Hole Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

    Video by Marcus Kingma.

    Watch a part of the video "Low Flutes"

    In this video the Alto Flute is played by Matthias Ziegler. It starts with the use of a Kazoo modification.
    It gives an impression of an older version of the Kingma Alto Flute.
    The new Kingma & Brannen can soon be heard on this website.

    Matthias Ziegler on Alto Flute
    Video by Wouter Hasebos


    Matthias Ziegler: "The new Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute offers a huge range of expression. A consistent sound and perfect intonation throughout the whole range of three octaves and... with the new design it is most comfortable to hold it in your hands."

    Julie Moulin, Second flute, playing alto flute in the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam: "I have the enormous chance to play a fantastic alto flute by Eva Kingma. I couldn't imagine a better instrument to play both solo and in the orchestra. It has a wonderful large and warm sonority, which projects very well in big halls, and which offers a big range of colors and dynamics. Technically very reliable, it also has an extraordinary good intonation, which makes it the perfect musical partner. I feel absolutely in harmony with this flute and it is a great pleasure to play it."

    Patrick Gallois, Conductor of Sinfonia Finlandia: "I recorded the concerto by Rautavaara with one of Eva's open hole altoflutes and the sound of the Alto flute was the most amazing, soft, strong, beautifull sound I ever dreamed of."

    Anne La Berge: "I have played the Brannen Kingma and the Kingma Alto flutes almost daily for more than seven years and used them in performances that range from virtuoso modern music to free improv with interactive electronics. The abundant fingering combinations combined with a fine blowing flexibility offer me a seemlingly endless source of sonic possibilities. I still love the sounds that I continue to find. They allow me to make the music that says what I need to say. They keep my fantasy alive and hard at work."

    Rudolf Döbler Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin RSB: "We were looking for a new orchestra instrument. After trying out several alto flutes from different brands we were very happy to find the Kingma Brannen Alto Flute. It has a rich tone quality which is easy to focus. The sound is well balanced in the different registers. It is easy to change quickly from C Flute to this Alto. The ideal instrument for playing powerful orchestra solos!"

    Aldo Baerten: "After many years of knowing Eva Kingma and meeting her at many flutefestivals, I finally made it to her wonderful house and work-place, in the North of Holland. My surprise , when trying her open holes Alto Flute was even bigger than I had expected.... Her reputation of quality, serious construction, beautiful sound and a never ending research to find more confort for the players and offering these "customers-friends-flutists-musicians" the highest quality instruments one can imagine, was more than confirmed....Thank you,Eva!"

    Chris Potter: "Your instruments have been consistently of the highest quality and your constant search for improvements, your innovations with the open-hole key work, your collaboration with Bickford Brannen on the new alto and custom designed keys layout for all sizes of individuals have made you the leader in the field of low flutes. "

    Paul Edmund-Davies: "Not being a specialist in altoflute playing, when the opportunity came to record a work for alto flute, voice and backing track, by Andy Scott, I knew that I would require quite a special instrument. As a transcription of a work originally written for saxophone, there were many moments throughout which required note bending. I could 'sort of' get the effect on a conventional instrument, but a) it was hard work and b) not always garanteed. Working with the new Kingma& Brannen open hole altoflute has been a revolution, even sound throughout the entire range, very easy to control and has the added worth of open holes. This instrument is by far the most interesting and enjoyable altoflute that I ever played."

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