The Bass Flute

Kingma Bass flutes are renowned worldwide for their flexibility, response and power over all registers. With the increase in available repertoire and the versatility of today's musicians, the use of bass flutes has dramatically increased in recent years. It is possible to offer a solution for any performance task. The very ergonomic design and well balanced mechanism of a Kingma Bass flute has resulted in much more comfort during performance and rehearsal. This stimulates the player to use it more and more. We are convinced that this instrument has gained the respect it deserves. We feel honoured to present a scale for the bass flute designed by Albert Cooper. A Kingma Bass flute is silver plated and comes with a solid silver head joint, silver lip plate and embouchure. All instruments are built to a scale of A=442 Hz (or adjusted on request). Every instrument is delivered with a custom made case, nylon case cover and cleaning rod.

Standard Bass Flute

The standard closed-hole Bass flute is available in large and small bore size. Two trill-keys and a split-E mechanism are standard on this model. The tone holes are soldered and the key cups are closed. This model is a terrific instrument for flute quartets, ensembles and flute choirs, but has also proved to be a good choice for the classical repertoire. The size of the case allows the instrument to be taken as hand luggage on a plane.

Bass Flutes

Closed Bass

Kingma Bass Flute

Video by Marcus Kingma.

Bass Flute

Listen to Matthias Ziegler on Bass Flute.

Matthias Ziegler on Bass Flute
Video by Wouter Hasebos

Open Hole Bass Flute

The Kingma Bass flute is available in a version with three open holes. This model is equipped with open holes on A and E (the two middle fingers)and on B (thumbkey). This model is often ordered with a B-footjoint. A 'standard' model with a lot extra. The Kingma Bass flute with five open holes is provided with open holes on A, E, B(thumb), G# and F#. It is usually ordered with a B-footjoint. A wonderful instrument for contemporary repertoire and extended techniques.

Open Hole Bass Flute

Open Hole Bass

Kingma System® Bass Flute

The Kingmasystem® Bass flute has a full open-hole system and comes with a B-footjoint. This is a standard Boehm system instrument that incorporates 6 extra keys. This instrument is highly recommended for contemporary repertoire. Because of the complexity of the mechanism it is advisable to have it custom made for your hands. In 1987, the bass flute was the first instrument to be equipped with a 'key on key' system. This offered so many new perspectives that from there the Kingmasystem® evolved. Now this system has found its way on to the C-flute and the alto flute.

Standard Upright Bass

Upright Bass Flute

The Upright Bass Flute in C is one of the most recent models from our workshop. It is designed to prevent strain in the shoulders by putting the weight on a supporting stick. This instrument is a Bass Flute in C and is available with a standard and a bigger bore size. Especially the low register of this instrument is very powerful. A B-footjoint is available for this instrument. It is a wonderful instrument for flute choirs. A resting stand is included.

The ' Hoover'

The 'Hoover' Bass Flute with Footjoint until G

The Bass Flute with T-headjoint and Footjoint until G (a.k.a. ' The Hoover') is equipped with the Kingma System® and was especially designed for Matthias Ziegler. A resting stand is included.

'Hoover' Upright Bass Flute



Patrick Gallois, Conductor of Sinfonia Finlandia: "Eva Kingma now has a fantastic evolution with her Bass flute. I played one of them at a concert and I was so happy that the public managed to hear me even in the low register in front of a big orchestra - 75 musicians is big for a flute concerto but huge for a Bass flute. I also was surprised to find a high register - the 3rd octava - with a beautiful real flute sound and, what is the cherry on the top of the cake, in tune! I am waiting now to see what her imagination will bring to us, but be sure that it will be revolutionary!"

Robert Chadwick: "I have been playing Eva's bass for several years now. When choosing a bass, I went to the flute convention and had yet to play a Kingma. When I went to her booth and played the bass, WOW! The tone was so much richer than the others around I could not believe it! It has a full three octave plus range. In addition she offered a low "b" and options for open holes; I chose both options and love the flute! I have played it twice with the Houston Symphony and once with the Dallas Symphony for the Howard Shore piece "Lord of the Rings". The flute was perfectly in tune and the rich tone carried across the concert hall like a dream."

Jim Walker: "The Kingma flutes have always been tremendous, the current generation takes the Alto and Bass flutes to the highest possible state of the art!"

Ellen Burr: "I have tried bass flutes every year at the NFA conventions just to see if there was an instrument out there that actually had the response and flexibility that would allow me to make music. This year was the first time I found that instrument—a Kingma large bore bass. From the moment she handed me the instrument, the music sang!! I could play both a whispery pp and a growly ff. The resistance was enough for me to carry a long legato phrase and the response was so quick, I could lightly tongue a fast gigue in all registers. I only played the flute for a short time, but I've been thinking about it (and projects in which I can incorporate it) since I've gotten home. I had NO intention to buy a bass flute this year, but this was an instrument too good to pass up! I hope the few months wait for my flute to be made and arrive will go quickly. Brava Eva!!"

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