Contrabass Flute

The Contrabass Flute, a full two octaves lower than the C-flute, is the 'Gentle Giant' of the flute family. It's warm tone may seem not loud at first hearing, but carries in an impressive way. And it is with much pleasure that we introduce this wonderful instrument to you.


A Contrabass flute is silverplated and is tuned at the scale A=442Hz. The standard model Contrabass flute has a C-Footjoint. As an option a B-Footjoint is available. A custom made flightcase and a beautiful stand are delivered with each instrument. Even on this big instrument the options of trill-keys and the Kingma System® are available!


Contrabass Flute

Sir James Galway

"Three years ago I bought my first Kingma Contra and Sub Contra flutes and was immediately impressed with the power and colors of these fine instruments brought to my flute ensemble. The latest edition to the Kingma range are the Kingma / Brannen alto flutes and these instruments were played by Jimmy Walker and Burak Besir in the last flute ensemble concert. Many people have come to the class with their own instruments, mostly Kingma and the difference three years later is enormous.. "


"..The bass end of the flute ensemble had a new sound; more clearly defined and louder than anything I have heard previously. I am going to put an example of the concert in my web site so you can all hear what I am talking bout. I am very proud to recommend these fine instruments to you.."

Sir James Galway

Watch Matthias Ziegler on Contrabass Flute

Diego Ortiz - Recercada Primera.

Part of a television broadcast by the VPRO Vrije Geluiden.

Watch a part of the video "Low Flutes"

Matthias Ziegler on Contrabass Flute
Video by Wouter Hasebos


Sharyn Byer, Director of the Columbia Flute Choir: "The Contrabass Flute enriches the sound of the flute choir in so many ways, offering a true basso voce anchoring the ensemble and enhancing the orchestral potential of the music."

Linda True, Falls House Press: "The most interesting comment I've heard while playing the "contra" was from another flutist. She told me that until she heard the contra, she had never really been able to hear how the bass line of the music functioned and contributed to the structure of the music."

Paige Dashner Long, Director of the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra in Summer Residence at New England Conservatory: "I have been using a contrabass flute in my orchestra since 1991. With the addition of a contrabass, my ensembles have a depth that is not possible in any other way. The contrabass flute supports the bass flute section, as well as articulating in a similar manner, creating a very beautiful ensemble sound. A cello, string, bass, or similar instrument with flute ensemble, can mask the beautiful timbre of the bass flute section and articulates very differently. With the addition of the contrabass flute to an ensemble, the repertoire possibilities are endless."

Patti Monson, Director of TACTUS -the MSM Contemporary Ensemble and Sequitur New Music Ensemble: "My new contrabass flute is magical!! Everything about it is crafted magnificently. It has a rich sound, a beautiful tonal/pitch center, and excellent response. The mechanism is comfortable and sophisticated. I highly recommend these instruments."

Robert Chadwick: "The contra bass is impressive and is a regular part of my recording projects filling the role of a cello or bass. It also is an amazing instrument with a full three octave range plus; low b to d above high c. I highly recommend the flutes of Eva Kingma, try one and you will fall in love."

Vinny Golia: "I wanted some extra keywork which had never been done before on the contrabass flute. Eva attacked these problems of mechanism with amazing energy, figured out a great system and made the incredible instrument I play today. As far as the tone of the horn, I can't tell you how often people are taken by the sound of her instruments. The flute seems to unlock a dimension of tone that has not been explored before by any instrument maker. I am very happy to show and play my big flute for anyone who will listen to it and I thank Eva Kingma for creating a truly astonding instrument which I can use in a classical context, jazz group or in flute quartet or choir."

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