Contr'alto Flute

The Contr'alto flute in G is an octave below the alto flute. A Kingma Contr'alto flute is silver plated and comes with a solid silver lip plate and embouchure.
The instruments that are in use now have found their way to flute choirs.
In fact, we designed those instruments on special request for Scottish and Irish flute orchestras.


This instrument is available with a F# footjoint. It can be ordered with several open holes, or with a full Kingma System®. We provide a resting stand, and a hand made flightcase which can be taken as hand luggage into the plane.



Sue Blessing: "My fascination with low flutes was born many years ago during lessons with my first flute teacher, George Opperman, who would often allow me to try his bass flute. My passion was rekindled when I had the opportunity to try an array of alto flutes at the 1993 Boston Convention—and trying Eva's flutes was an unparalleled experience. None of the others could compare to the beautiful flute sound of Eva's creations, especially the higher registers. I immediately ordered an alto flute. Shortly afterwards, a problem developed with my hands. Eva quickly came to the rescue, modifying that flute and building all my other (6) Kingma flutes using pictures of my hands and in house visits to perfectly refine the fit of the instruments. When I had the occasion to visit Eva's very special home and workshop to pick up my second alto flute, she showed me the prototype for a contr'alto and asked if I would be interested in owning one. Needless to say, I jumped at that chance, and now own my second contr'alto, this one with the Kingma system. This last year I added a contrabass to my ever expanding Eva Kingma flute family.

Eva has been a visionary that has dramatically impacted the flute world; and her Kingma system and responsive low flutes have expanded our flute playing immeasurably. She alchemically infuses each of her instruments with creativity, love, imagination and soul —a piece of her heart can be heard in all her flutes. Her integrity, graciousness, and caring are legendary and it is an honor to also call her my friend. Bravo Eva!"

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