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We specialize in making the 'lower' sounding flutes. We produce a wide range of flutes: including Alto-, Bass-, Contrabass and Sub contrabass flutes. Our flutes are hand-made and we have dedicated time and effort towards building instruments that suit the requirements and physical needs of our customers. The results of our endeavors have led to the development of a line of instruments with increased musical potential which all began with the development of the open-hole alto flute. Following the innovation of the "Key-on-Key mechanism" and the patented "Kingma System ®", a series of open-hole and quarter-tone Alto, Bass and Contrabass flutes were created. As a result of the inspiring collaboration with Bickford Brannen a full quarter-tone C-flute with the patented Kingma System® is now available at Levit Flute Company, Brannen Brothers Flutemakers and Sankyoflutes.

Our Philosophy

Our involvement with our product does not end at the point of delivery. Customers are welcome to choose from several head joints, and we will make any final adjustments necessary to meet the personal requirements of the individual customer. Several customers have enjoyed their stay in our village Grolloo while fine-tuning their instrument. When an instrument leaves our shop, we remain interested in its well-being and are always ready to advise or help you with any question or issue which might arise.


Dirk Kuiper, Eva Kingma

The Kingma Company originated in Holland in the early 1950's, shortly after World War II. At that time there was a great shortage of wind instruments and Dirk Kuiper, who was the second flutist in the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam, founded his small company to meet the demand for new flutes. For over 20 years Kuiper was known for his wooden, silver and gold C-flutes. He also built alto flutes, which at that time were unusual. In 1975 Eva Kingma joined Dirk Kuiper in building flutes. In 1981 Eva Kingma took over the company. On february 12th 2006 Dirk Kuiper died at the age of 92 years after a fruitful life. Since 1988, the company is located in the picturesque rural village of Grolloo in the north of the Netherlands.

(Left: Dirk Kuiper and Eva Kingma)


Dirk Kuiper, Albert Cooper, Eva Kingma & Eva

Our company is indebted to many people who contributed ideas, technical solutions, artistic opinions and motivation. Some of them we would like to mention:
Albert Cooper, Bickford and Laura Brannen, Matthias Ziegler, Robert Dick, Carla Rees, Jos Zwaanenburg and Anne La Berge.

(Left: Albert Cooper, Dirk Kuiper, Eva Kingma)

Our Team :

Eva Kingma

David Kerkhof [...]
David started his career as an excellent silversmith. He is now working at the workshop for over 15 years.

Egbert Streuer [...]
Known as an international motorcycle champion, now supplying tools and parts for the workshop.

Matthias Ziegler
Since more than 25 years Eva Kingma and Matthias Ziegler work together and develop new instruments [...]

Rob Lievestro
Excellent repairperson, specialized in Kingmaflutes and Kuiperflutes [...]



Dirk Kuiper founds the Kuiper company in Amsterdam


Eva Kingma begins flutemaking and enters the company of Dirk Kuiper

'81Eva Kingma takes over the Kuiper company

Collaboration starts with Albert Cooper


First Open Hole Alto developed with Jos Zwaanenburg

'88The company moves to Grolloo

First Open Hole Bass designed for Robert Dick


First Kingma System® Alto Flute designed for John Fonville

'93Collaboration starts with Bickford Brannen on a Kingma System C-flute

'94Introduction Brannen/Kingma System® Flute by Kate Lukas and Anne La Berge at the NFA

'98Presentation by Matthias Ziegler of Kingma Flutes at the NFA

'99Introduction of the Contrabass and Contr'alto Flutes

'01First Kingma System® Contrabass designed for Marion Garver

'03Introduction of the Subcontrabass Flute

'04First Upright Bass in C until G 'Hoover' designed with Matthias Ziegler

'07First Kingma System® Upright Bassflute delivered to Carla Rees

'07Introduction of the Sankyo Kingma System® Flute by Matthias Ziegler and Emmanuel Pahud

'11Introduction of the Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

'12Introduction of the Levit-Kingma System® Flute

'14Introduction of the first Full Kingma System® Kingma & Brannen Alto Flute

'15Introduction of the first Kingma & Brannen Bass Flute

'16Introduction of the Matusi Headjoint, available through David Kerkhof

'17Introduction of Trill keys on the Contrabass flute

'18Eva received the 2018 NFA Lifetime Achievement Award

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