Kingma Flutes offers the following products

Alto Flutes
The unique quality of this alto flute stimulates players to use it as their main instrument. Alto flutes have a uniquely responsive lower register [...]

Contrabass Flutes
The Contrabass Flute, a full two octaves lower than the C-flute, is the 'Gentle Giant' of the flute family. Its warm tone may seem not loud at first [...]

Bass Flutes
With the increase in available repertoire and the versatility of today's musicians, the use of bass flutes has dramatically increased [...]

Subcontrabass Flutes
This is currently the largest instrument that we produce. [...]

Upright Bass Flutes
The upright bass flute is one of the most recent models from our workshop. It is designed to prevent strain in the shoulders [...]

C-flutes with Kingma System®
Several companies have adopted the Kingma System®. Check this page for availability. [...]

Contr'alto Flutes
The Contr'alto flute in G is an octave below the Alto flute. This instrument has found its way to many flute choirs [...]

'Hoover' Bass Flute
This instrument is in fact a Bass flute with T-headjoint and (extra long) footjoint until G [...]

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