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Carla Rees plays on an alto flute, a bass flute and a Sankyo C flute, all with Kingma System. Instruments with which she is able to break new ground in contemporary techniques and repertoire. She recently published two very informative websites about the Kingma System Altoflute and the Bassflute. She works frequently in collaboration with composers of all genres and works as a solo recitalist as a member of her group, Rarescale, throughout the UK and Europe.

Emmanuel Pahud appears as a soloist across the world and has been acclaimed for his versatility, the beauty of his tone, his inate musicality and his extraordinary technique and flair. At the age of 22 he was appointed principal flute of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2007, Emmanuel introduced, together with Matthias Ziegler, the Sankyo Kingmasystem flute in Berlin. Emmanuel Pahud plays an Open Hole Kingma Altoflute.

San Diego, California based Marion Garver Fredrickson is active as a flutist, teacher, composer, broadcaster and writer associated with jazz and classical music.The CD of Shawn Pinchbeck and Kingma player Marion Garver Fredrickson. She has five different Kingma System® flutes.

The Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band is a Scottish Flute Band numbering 35 players, all amateur, playing 7 voices:
Piccolo, Treble, G, Concert C, Alto, CC bass, Contra G, Contra C. Made for us by Ms Eva Kingma. We enjoy playing from the Classic to Marches to Themes from the movies.

Fernando Brandão is a flutist, composer, and arranger of classical, jazz and ethnic music from Rio de Janeiro. He has performed extensively as a chamber musician and soloist in his native Brazil. Mr. Brandão is a faculty member of Berklee College, the Community Music Center of Boston, Longy School of Music and King Philip Regional High School.

Helen Bledsoe won the first-prize in the 1996 Gaudeamus International Interpreter's Competition for Contemporary Music. She is currently an assistant instructor at the Conservatory of Bremen. Member of the ensemble musikFabrik of Cologne, and has been guest with the Nieuw Ensemble, the ASKO/Schoenberg Ensemble, Klangforum Wien,Ictus Ensemble and the Remix Ensemble of Porto. Helen plays several Kingma System instruments

Kate Steinbeck has concentrated on the performance of chamber music throughout her career. Her recent performance opportunities have included an invitation to play with percussion ensemble, NEXUS, at the National Flute Association convention in Atlanta in 1999, a Regional Artist Project Grant from the Asheville Area Arts Council, and tours across the US. Kate Steinbeck plays a Kingma Altoflute and a Kingma Bassflute.

Patrick Gallois leads a highly successful international career as soloist and conductor. Patrick Gallois was appointed Musical Director of Sinfonia Finlandia Jyväskylä (Finland).



Matthias Ziegler often performs and teaches on Kingma Flutes. Matthias and Eva Kingma often appear together on showcases. This is one of his beautiful CD's: Uakti

Robert Dick has established himself as an artist who has not only mastered, but redefined the flute. Known worldwide for creating revolutionary visions of the flute's musical role, listening to Robert Dick play solo has been likened to the experience of hearing a full orchestra.
Robert owns the very first open hole Kingma Bass flute, plays a full Kingma System® Altoflute as well as a radically expanded version of the Brannen/Kingma System® C flute.
His recent invention is the 'Glissandi Headjoint®'. (For availability please visit his website)

Jos Zwaanenburg is well known for his research into new playing techniques for the flute, which combines his interests in composition, live electronics and performance. He is also known for his initiation of the development of the open hole alto flute in cooperation with the Dutch flutemakers Eva Kingma and Dirk Kuiper in 1986-87 and often uses it to display his command of these new techniques. Many composers internationally have written works for him. He performs on the second Kingma System® Bass flute.

Anne La Berge is a flautist, composer and improviser, currently resident in Amstelveen (The Netherlands). Her most recent performances bring together the elements on which her reputation is based: a virtuosic command of her instrument, a penchant for improvising microtonal textures and melodies, and an array of percussive flute effects, all combined with electronic processing. She performs on several Kingma System® flutes.

Alto flute, flute, bamboo flute, piano, composer, improviser, producer, Christian Le Délézir gives concerts of his own compositions and improvisations. He created his own company called "EXATON Records" in 1987 and produced seven albums of his own music called "EXOMUSIQUE" mainly dedicated to c flute an alto flute. He recently released three albums of scores for alto flute solo illustrated with his poem, photos and drawings. He is playing an open hole alto flute made by Eva KINGMA since 1993.

Stefan Keller (Flutetrends): All about the music projects, the multimedial projects, the unique electronic flutes system (be-be-flutes / quartertone flute / altoflute / bassflute / contrabassflute), live looping, the cds, the printed music, videos , etc.

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