All orders must be confirmed in writing. Orders can be cancelled without cost up to three months before the planned month of delivery. We will give you an approximate date when the instrument will be ready, but this date may be subject to minor changes. You have the opportunity to change the specifications up to the moment we start to build the instrument. There is no need to know the exact specifications of your new instrument at the time of ordering.

Conditions of Sale

All orders and sales are according to Dutch Law and our conditions of sale, registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Meppel, Holland,
number 04037978.


For information about our prices please send me an email.
All prices are subject to change without notice. Instruments are priced according to our pricelist at the the time building starts, not the time of ordering. Our prices are in Euros, quoted prices in other currencies may vary with the exchange rate.
On international sales, foreign duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping and insurance to your address are not included. We can give advice on some of the applicable rules. But we are no experts in this field, so doublecheck with your local authorities.


No deposit is required at the moment of ordering. We will ask your payment at the moment we start to build your instrument.

Bank Details
Overcingellaan 5
9401 LA Assen
The Netherlands

We do have a Transferwise account for foreign transfers, please contact us for details if you consider to use Transferwise.
IBAN (SEPA): NL58ABNA0498249522
International VATnr (BTWnr): NL001471035B94. (Note the third last symbol is the letter B.


What is included?

Adjustments for hand position and hand size will be made without extra charge. If you wish, three different head joints can be sent to choose from, but we would request that you arrange the return shipping.
We travel a lot with our instruments and we know how important light and safe cases are. Alto flutes and Bass flutes are delivered in a beautiful leathered Wiseman case.
Contr'alto-, Contrabass and Subcontrabass Flutes are delivered in a standard flightcase (see first picture) with a carbon-fiber stand (see second picture). For an extra price, a beautiful leather covered or carbon-fiber case, made by Wiseman (London) can be ordered (see third picture).
A Wiseman case consists of two shells that fold together to a cylinder. It can be fitted for more than one flute. The cases of Wiseman are designed in such a way that they can be taken as hand luggage on a flight (depending on the airline).

You can call us:+31-592-501-659
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