Subcontrabass Flute

The Subcontrabass Flute is tuned in G. The range of the Subcontrabass Flute in G starts half an octave below the Contrabass Flute. Or two and a half octaves below the C-flute. A Kingma Subcontrabass flute is silver plated and comes with a solid silver lip plate and embouchure. Every instrument is delivered with a custom made flightcase, carbonfiber stand and cleaning rod.


Paige Dashner Long, Director of the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra in Summer Residence at New England Conservatory: "This unique instrument is very versatile, and fills the gap between the Contrabass and the double contrabass. In choirs it supports the Contrabass, and it literally propels the double contrabass. The Kingma Subcontrabass Flute in G is a great addition to the family of low flutes."


Subcontrabass Flute

From left to right: Two Contr'alto flutes in G, two Contrabass flutes in C with B-foot, one Subcontrabass flute in G with C-foot.
The Carluke Primrose Orchestral Flutes from Scotland.


Subcontrabass Flute

The first minute features a Subcontrabass Flute.

Matthias Ziegler on Subcontrabass Flute
Video by Wouter Hasebos
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